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Zwakele Mhlanga

Zwakele Mhlanga

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These are tour packages that we provide mainly targeting schools in the country by addressing each group of students’ needs from primary school to high school. The tour packages to be provided are as follows:

    1. History and Culture– pupils are taken to various historical and cultural institutions in the country. For example, Mantenga Cultural Village, the National Museum, King Sobhuza II Memorial Park amongst others are some of destinations of such kind of tours.
    2. Geographic Tours– this involves natural landscape and natural attraction destinations where pupils will practically observe the different earth features like gorges/plunge pools, waterfalls, mountains, rocks and many more. Examples of such areas are; Sibebe Rock, Mahamba Gorge, Mantenga waterfalls, Phophonyane Falls
    3. Design and architecture– design pupils at schools will be taken to institutions that are relevant to their studies to help the pupils with the necessary information to develop their career and that will motivate the pupil. Examples of such institutions are Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and the CODEC at Zulwini.
    4. Tertiary Orientation– this mainly target the form 5 students to familiarize them to the tertiary institutions so that it will be easy for them to choose the right university for their skills. This will also motivate the students to put more effort in their study as the vision of going to tertiary institutions after school will be revived.
    5. Motivational Speaker– IntOAfrica has added a motivational speaker in every tour package that will only take 30 minutes to inspire the pupils and create a great experience for them.